LISTEN and READ Along with Two Story Collections...

Heather Forest brings two collections of concise folktales to life with her vivid characterizations and clearly spoken narration. You can NOW download text and audio. (PDF and MP3)

Many Classroom Uses!

Supports Listening Skills, Imagination, Storytelling, and Reading!

Create a Story Listening Center

  • Students can select from over 70 short folktales.
  • Have students retell tales in their own words to a partner.
  • Have students draw illustrations of favorite moments from the stories.
  • Have students dramatize a tale they've heard, using character voices, detail and elaboration.
  • Create a group performance based on these mini-tales.
  • Expand students’ reading comprehension by reading and listening.
  • Help emergent readers sight-learn new words heard in the story performance.
  • Help students who are learning English to expand their vocabulary while reading and listening to well-enunciated text.

Story Collections:

*Stories in a Nutshell - Thirty Two Concise Folktales
This audio collection of thirty-two concise folktales, retold and performed by Heather Forest, is based on multicultural folklore from around the world. Set of 32 tales (MP3 and 22 page PDF, instant download) - $25

*Aesop’s ABC - Twenty-Six Short Fables
This audio collection of twenty-six short fables, retold and performed by Heather Forest, is organized by the alphabet. It is based on ancient plots created by Aesop, a storyteller who lived in Greece over 2500 years ago. Set of 26 tales (MP3 and 20 page PDF, instant download) - $25